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safety on sendit

sendit is a platform to discover and play augmented reality games with friends. these AR games serve as a light-hearted way to spark conversations with friends.

our community is growing fast, and as our company expands, protecting our users will continue to be top of mind.


be kind and respectful to your peers. don't send any messages you wouldn't want to receive... and have fun!

blocking is easy!

if you come across something that makes you uncomfortable, simply block the sender of the message. this prevents that user from messaging you in the future.

open up a sendit message and tap the three dots in the top right corner. each blocked messaged is manually reviewed. we use this information to enhance our software's safety mechanisms and ensure your well-being in the future.


your name does not appear on the messages you send, but remember, sendit knows your identity. in some cases, users are able to see hints about the sender of a message. nothing on the internet is truly anonymous!


be careful about who you play sendit games with. only those who you share your sendit with are able to respond to you. make sure you only play sendit games with friends you trust!


if someone is bullying or harassing you, report it to us and talk to a trusted adult about it. please remember to block all harassing messages and don't engage further with the bully.

age minimum

sendit was made for people 17 and older. if you have a child under 17 using sendit, please reach out to us with your child's display name and verification of your relationship.